This focus product is designed to assist students and professionals who are looking to improve their cognitive abilities.




The advanced formula of Ampheta-Trim is safe and effective, without the need for a prescription.

Nano Recover

Work | Train | Play

Nano-technology is what makes nano recover so effective. The vitamins, electrolytes and minerals you lose while drinking alcohol and other stressful activities are quickly replaced and made bio-available as they have been nano-sized and enter your bloodstream

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Why Our Products Are Unique

The Leader in Non-Prescription Alternatives

Florida Wellness Group has earned a national reputation in providing non-prescription solutions that are safe and effective alternatives to some of the most popular prescribed medications.


Focus Supplement

  • I work a 40 hr week and go to school at night, My grades have been slipping and I never have any energy to focus at work. My friend recommended I try these and I couldn’t be more happy. ADDplus has not only improved my grades, but I am such a better mood all day.

I’ve spent my career managing cardiovascular disease. Maintaining an appropriate weight has been paramount in reducing not only cardiac risk but reducing the risk for many life threatening diseases. It is my opinion that Ampheta-Trim is an extremely effective and safe alternative to potentially risky prescription weight-loss medications and can be a valuable addition to a weight loss program in healthy individuals.

– Dr. Brian

Weight Loss Supplement

  • I am so glad I found Ampheta-Trim. I have tried so many diet pills and none of them ever work. My appetite is under control and I have so much more energy to get through my day and work outs. I’d recommend this to anyone


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